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“You’re Going to Have to Learn to Live With It”

“You Need to Have Surgery”
“Take These Pain Pills”


Chances are, for those suffering from arthritis, you have been told at least one of these things once before. Certainly there isn’t anyone who genuinely enjoys going under the knife for surgery nor is anyone thrilled about taking a daily regimen of pain pills. 

Surgery comes with its own set of risks and complications. Blood clots, infections, nerve damage are all risks that one has to weigh before committing to surgery. Surgery does not even guarantee that the pain you feel will be gone or that it won’t return. So maybe you don’t want to do surgery because the high risks just isn’t worth the pain relief without a guarantee.

So what about medications?

Often with medications you are prescribed one pill to alleviate the symptoms that currently ail you and a second pill to counter the side effects of the first. You start feeling better so you decide to stop taking the pills, but what happens? All your pain comes rushing back. You have done nothing to treat the source of your pain and all the pills did for you was mask your symptoms. So you go back to taking the pills and over time the pills get stronger and stronger because your arthritis is progressing and the pain comes more often and more intensely than it used to. You stop doing the activities you once enjoyed because they are just not worth doing anymore because of the pain you feel while you do them. Now you can’t do the things you enjoy, you are pumping yourself full of pills, and you still have done nothing to treat the source of the pain. 

So let’s treat the source of the pain, avoid surgery, and skip the pills.

Treating the Source of Arthritis Pain

One of our specializations is the treatment of arthritis. We have spent years researching alternative treatments to arthritic conditions so that you have an option outside of surgery and medications. We go beyond traditional medicine in that it focuses on a “pain management” model while we believe in treating the source of the pain so we can effectively alleviate the pain from arthritis and provide long term relief without the negative side effects that surgeries and medications can potentially cause. 

Our analysis and in-depth evaluations of our patients are extremely comprehensive. We take a look at your specific condition from every angle to understand what your feeling, when you feel it, the current state of your condition, and a treatment plan that will best alleviate your pain and provide long lasting results.

We take a patient specific approach to treatment because after 34 years in private practice we have found that no two patients are the same and do not deserve the standard, generic treatment traditional medicine offers.

You don’t have to learn to live with arthritis because through the combination of therapies that we provide living pain free is possible.

Learn more about our Physio-Therapy treatments that we provide.

Learn more about our Stem Cell Therapy treatments.

We encourage you to attend one of our Chronic Pain Seminars or our Stem Cell Therapy Seminars to learn more about the research behind arthritic conditions, the dangers of medications and surgeries to treat them, and the alternative treatments available.

Some of Our Patients’ Experiences

"I had daily knee pain for 2 years that lasted all day long. It was a sharp pain and getting worse. It made it hard to walk and stand still. It would get worse going up stairs and walking. I tried medications and injections, but finally gave up on that. After the treatments here, my left knee pain is almost completely gone!"

Lee Riessen

Lee Riessen

Knee Pain

"They led me through a program that resulted in my legs and ankles becoming free of pain. Before the end of the treatment routine, an additional wonder was that my knees were free of any pain, also!! A month following my treatment, I still have no pain at all in my legs, ankles, or knees!!"

Louis Letzring

Louis Letzring

Knee & Ankle Pain

“Love you guys!! No need for my cane anymore. I leave it behind all the time. I’m ready to go dancing! Thanks for the care and professionalism you all have shown. I remember walking in here with tremendous pain and now I’m so happy to say that I’m 100% better. Thank you Dr. Jeff and all your lovely staff.”

Petra Barreda

Petra Barreda

Knee Pain