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Is It Possible To Improve or Even Eliminate Type II Diabetes? & Metabolic Syndrome?

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder in which the body cannot metabolize (metabolize = to breakdown and use in the body for energy) carbohydrates, fats, and proteins because of a lack of, or ineffective use of the hormone insulin.

Metabolize is the key word. When one has Diabetes, their body does not use the food they eat efficiently. They have a metabolism problem.

Nearly 29.1 million Americans have diabetes.

Diabetes is a very serious condition due to its complications.

It’s a main cause of kidney failure, limb amputations and new-onset blindness in adults nationwide. It’s also a major cause of heart disease and stroke1.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls Diabetes:

“The epidemic of our time”

Unfortunately, Type II Diabetes is becoming an epidemic with one out of three children born today expected to become diabetic at one point in their life.

What really causes Diabetes?

All forms of Diabetes are caused by the fact that the sugar in the blood fails to make it into the cell. When sugar builds up in the blood, you get high blood sugar or Diabetes.

Today, there are alternative solutions to medications and injections that truly improve the underlying factors that are causing this condition.

ella-brown-jones“I had Diabetes and high blood pressure, decreased pulse, swelling in my legs and feet and hands. My HbA1C was 8.1 when I started. I was taking 4 Medications for blood pressure, Lisinopril, Atenolol, Clonidine and Amlodipine, and a statin drug, Mevacor…My HbA1C is now down to 6.5! I stopped and no longer needed the statin drug, Atenolol and Amlodipine…It is cost effective and the results for me are permanent and long lasting. I feel wonderful and I’m very grateful I found Advanced Health Center!”                 Ella Brown-Jones    Hayward, Ca.

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