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Specializing in the Latest Physical Therapy or Physio-Therapy Treatment… Our Center delivers the latest in Physical Therapy modalities.Below is a list of our therapies and an explanation of each:

1) Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

2) HumanTouchTechnology® Massage Therapy Chair While You’re Waitiing

This special therapy has built-in rollers and vibrating massage, which roll up and down your spine. You sit in the chair and relax while the chair does the rest! It is used to improve mobility and circulation in the joints of the spine. Due to its soothing effect on the spine and spinal nerves, it helps reduce tension and nervousness, as well as helps the spine to heal with more mobility and strength. This helps prevent recurring spinal injuries.

 3) Pressure Point (TriggerPoint) Massage

massageMassage relaxes muscles and improves circulation, relieves pain, and relieves physical fatigue. One type of massage is Pressure Point Therapy. Your body stores “stress” in areas called Pressure Points. Pressure Points are small painful pockets of energy that are located on or along a nerve or nerve pathway in the body. Pressure Points will block the nerve energy from flowing through your body. As you may know, the entire body is run by nerves. Your nerves control all functions in your body. The nerves run your heart, digestive system, muscles, immune system, senses such as sight, taste, hearing, etc. If a nerve is blocked by a Pressure Point, the messages that flow through the nerve also become stopped. The basic idea, then, in Pressure Point Therapy is to find the areas of Pressure Points and treat them to open up nerve pathways again.

4) Vibratory Massage – VibraCusor® Instrument
This is a mechanical method of vibrating the tissue and muscles surrounding your problem area.This vibratory massage aids in further relaxing your muscles and the surrounding tissues. You will also hear your doctor talk to you about “trigger points.”These are tight hard spots found in the muscle which create spasm and thereby discomfort and pain. These trigger points can be released through direct pressure and through vibratory massage.Vibratory massage also aids in increasing circulation in the involved area. When used along the entire spine and/or the arms and legs, it will greatly increase the overall circulation and will assist in draining the lymphatic system which helps fight disease.

5) Hako-Med® Electro-Medical Therapy

hako-med machineVAX-D and Hako Med2

The answer to pain from osteoarthritis is here; Horizontal Therapy.  Patented technology that relieves over 80% of patients with pain from osteoarthritis and neuropathy.  This safe, effective, and easy to use non-invasive modality is available now.

7) TheraStim® Deep Tissue Electro-Therapy

TheraStim is a type of electrical nerve and muscle stimulation for pain, stiffness, swelling or injury. The stimulation goes through the skin. One benefit includes helping to relieve pain syndromes following strain or sprain injuries. It also helps relax spasms, and reduce swelling and pain in many back problems. In addition,

TheraStim may help reduce swelling and pain for such conditions as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder, knee injuries and frequently helps persistent, post-surgical pain. TheraStim can help build strength in muscles, tendons, and ligaments, especially following injury. It is also useful in restoring normal freedom and range of motion in patients experiencing stiffness, or limitation of movement. Many professional sports teams use TheraStim to treat injured athletes, helping them to recover more rapidly, and decrease or eliminate suffering from longstanding, residual, chronic conditions.

9) Bioelectric Nerve Block- Synaptic® 3200 Device
Bio-electric Nerve Block is a non-invasive, pain control treatment. It blocks pain messages sent to the nerves and the electrical signals also cause the nerve cells to release natural chemicals known as neuro(nerve)-transmitters. Some of these transmitters act as natural morphine-like agents to inhibit pain.

10) DeVilbiss® Oxygen Therapy (with Upper Body Exercise)

Your brain and nervous system need two things to survive: fuel and activation. Fuel comes from glucose (sugar) and oxygen. You get the glucose from the food you eat BUT as you age, your ability to use oxygen decreases. We use oxygen therapy to help you heal faster. The cerebellum is the back part of your brain and it controls ALL of your spinal muscles, as well as your balance and coordinated movements. It is the most dependent area of the body when it comes to oxygen. When it is not firing correctly, the spinal muscles will spasm, the vertebrae (bones of your spine) lock up and the disc (cushion between the spinal bones) will lose fluid and degenerate.