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40343069 - senior suffering from shoulder painShoulder pain can be very annoying to say the least. We try to put up with it and take medications to relieve it but if it keeps coming back there is something wrong. There is a reason it is not healing. Most people don’t realize that a shoulder injury can heal even if it’s been a chronic problem. What is needed first and foremost is the correct analysis and diagnosis of the real problem causing the loss of mobility or pain.

Many patients we have seen with shoulder problems have not had a comprehensive evaluation to find what’s really wrong and what are the latest procedures to heal or alleviate the pain without more drugs, cortisone shots or surgery.

The good news is that there is hope! There are very effect methods these days to not get the cartilage to heal but to even possibly regenerate.

33946653 - female shoulder / scapula / clavicle - anatomy boneWe have found that it takes a combination of therapies delivered intensively at the same time to get the shoulder to start recovering. One of these therapies is the Class IV deep tissue laser therapy. This goes very deep into the tissues, approximately 6 inches and gets the cells to heal 3-5x faster than normal.

aspen-laser-in-office-10-8-16The other breakthrough therapy is called the Hako- Med Horizontal Therapy. This is the ultimate electro-medicine to facilitate the body in healing the injured or damaged tissue as well as alleviating arthritis of the shoulder. It delivers a patented high frequency that brings blood flow to the area and gets the tissues to heal unlike any other modality we have seen.

hako-med-shoulderIn addition, there is the latest Regenerative Medicine available in our Center utilizing Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy to regenerate the cartilage or injured tissues in the shoulder. This can be to help osteoarthritis or tears in the ligaments, tendons or muscles.

Today there is new hope for recovery from chronic shoulder problems and Advanced Health Center has the technology to help patients achieve this goal. Call our office today at 408-856-6659 for the Specialized Shoulder Pain Recovery Evaluation.