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Advanced Health Center, Chiropractors D.C., Campbell, CA


lee-riessenKNEE PAIN: “I had daily knee pain for 2 years that lasted all day long. It was a sharp pain and getting worse. It made it hard to walk and stand still. It would get worse going up stairs and walking. I tried medications and injections but finally gave up on that. After the treatments here, my left knee pain is almost completely gone!” Lee Riessen South San Francisco, CA


lottie-tidwell1KNEE PAIN: “I have enjoyed everyone that I have met here at Advanced Health Center. The service is excellent. I have been feeling much better and I have had three pain free nights so far with my knees! Thank you so much! The atmosphere is just excellent.”              Lottie B. Tidwell   Oakland, CA



beverly-collinsNECK AND BACK PAIN AND SCIATICA: “I came to Advanced Health Center, with pain in my lower back on the right side that would travel down my leg and into my toes.  I also had pain in my neck on the right side.  I had this condition for many years and would get it quite often.  It would be either very severe pain to a dull ache. I had over the years tried shots of cortisone, DRX 9000 table, massage, physical therapy and chiropractic treatments.  I also was taking medication to deal with the pain and was frustrated with the non-results I had been getting with the above treatment. The pain had caused me to feel weak and not be able to play golf like I wanted.  I forced myself to continue to do what I wanted even though I had the pain. After doing Advanced Health Center’s VAX-D program for my neck and low back I am now able to do whatever I want, but haven’t tried golf yet!  (not sure that I want to now) I am now more comfortable and can move around much better. I felt cared for and that the Doctors and staff are very professional and I enjoyed all of my treatment.  I didn’t even mind the drive like I thought I would.  I have had a great experience here at Advanced Health Center.”            Beverly Collins      Hillsborough,CA

christine-frazeeDEGENERATIVE JOINT DISEASE AND SPINAL STENOSIS: “I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis.  I had pain radiating down my right thigh and knee area.  I had been suffering with this pain off and on for about a year, but in November 2010 my pain was excruciating.  I had pain all the time.  It was so severe that I could not sit without pain, stand, stand up straight, or walk for more than 100 steps without shooting pain.  Nothing helped relieve the pain, not even aspirin.  I was very irritable to everyone around me.  My family was very concerned. I tried physical therapy with very minor improvements.  Ibuprofen prescribed by my Doctor, helped a little. (I tried not to take the Ibuprofen, due to the side effects to my stomach and liver).  I knew I did not want surgery, but I was feeling frustrated and depressed.  I wasn’t sure just what to do.  I was beginning to give up hope of ever going places or doing things I love to do.  I was taking my dog for some laser therapy for his osteoarthritis and I figured if it worked for him, why not me.  I saw the ad for the center and decided to give it a try.  I’m glad I did and I thank my dog for the idea. Since my VAX-D and Laser treatment, I no longer have the pain that I used to.  I am taking long walks with my dog.  I am enjoying going to the zoo with my grandson, baseball games (Giants-of course), and many other events.  We are planning a trip to San Diego to visit family and friends.  I can sit and can walk without pain. Most of all I can smile and enjoy my life again. Dr. Jeff is great!  He always checks on me and makes sure that everything is going well with me. He is funny and energetic, which gives me a chuckle and relaxes me if I’m nervous.  He knows his work and explains things thoroughly so you can understand it.  All the staff at Advanced Health Center really care and will do all they can to help you.  This treatment is cheaper than surgery and worth it, since I can be pain free or even 99% pain free for the rest of my life.  The cost is nothing!  There is one side effect though – a big Smile J!”    Christine Frazee

“I was just about to get surgery scheduled for carpel tunnel and I seen Dr. Jeff’s ad regarding a no surgery solution. I received treatment and my problem went away. My problem was not carpel tunnel but a pinched nerve. I am so appreciative to Advanced Health Center for helping me and I haven’t had the problem again. Thank you Dr. Jeff!  5 Stars!!”

Virginia – Rated Jul 20, 2016