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The answer to increasing your movement and reducing degeneration of the spine…

The Secret to Slowing down the aging process…Keeping active longer…Live Stronger, Longer…

 Your ability to move allows you to enjoy life and be everything you were meant to be. This movement is made possible by the bones, muscles and ligaments of your body. These tissues respond to the commands of your nervous system and allow you to walk, run, bend, lift, twist and do other normal body movements.

A key structure that lets you move in so many different ways is the spinal column. Its 24 interlocking bones are designed to allow movement while protecting the vital nerve pathways of your spinal cord.

The relationship of the nervous system and the bones of the spine are critical to good health. Here’s why.

Your nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal cord, nerve roots and all the nerves, controls the function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. If the nervous system malfunctions, the organs and tissues controlled by the nerves also malfunction. And, since the bones protecting the spinal cord are moveable, they are a common source of nervous system interference.

Your spine is designed to move. Misalignment and improper or lost motion of the joints can interfere with your nervous system. This causes pain or other obvious symptoms and leads to spinal degeneration (arthritis) if left untreated.

While your spine can be adjusted to restore normal position with chiropractic adjustments, the deep ligaments and muscles supporting your spine may have become injured and accustomed to years of improper support. Often, muscles on one side of the spine become strong, while those on the other side become weak.

The doctors at Advanced Health Center of Campbell, California, have undergone extensive specialized studies in Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering (A.S.B.E.) and received Board Certification in 1994.

A.S.B.E. was developed by Dr. Aragona, D.C. in the mid 1970’s. Dr. Aragona devoted 20 years of his life to developing the technology to correct spinal malfunction and restore motion.

After receiving their Board Certification in A.S.B.E., both Drs. Brian and Jeff Coyle apprenticed under Dr. Aragona for an additional 4 years. The doctors even today, consult with Dr. Aragona on an ongoing basis regarding difficult cases when needed.

The principles and procedures taught in this advanced clinical training is the technology used by the doctor to evaluate the function of your spine.

How well does your spine move like it’s supposed to?

When the spinal segments are locked up or “fixated”, the cushions between them above and below each segment (the discs) begin to degenerate and this is what is called “arthritis” of the spine.

Any abnormal motion can cause degeneration and nerve interference in the long run. Just like your car tires being out of alignment.  You may not notice it, but they are wearing out at an accelerated rate every day.

Bending x-rays are used to identify the direction of misalignment and improper motion in your spine. These x-rays are also called “stress” views.

To evaluate a patient as to the real function of their spine, we take x-rays of the patient bending to the left and then to the right. This can be done of the neck, mid back and low back.

These x-rays will show us exactly which bones don’t move (or are locked up) or which move incorrectly.

This knowledge also makes it possible to determine the ideal, most personalized type of exercises you should perform to supplement regular chiropractic adjustments and achieve long-lasting improvement.

While some conditions may not cause pain or other obvious symptoms, they can cause nervous system interference and lead to progressive degeneration if left untreated.

These x-ray views of your spine and other examination findings tell the A.S.B.E. Specialist where and how to adjust your spine to restore the normal motion and position of the individual spinal bones. It also tells your doctor which muscles are not properly supporting the spine and allowing for normal movement.

What makes this treatment so different is that instead of doing the usual analysis of spinal x-rays taken while standing straight up or lying done, the analysis of spinal x-rays is done with low dose x-rays taken while standing in different suitable bending positions. Analysis of these special x-rays show where vertebrae are rotated, out of alignment and/or frozen, which prevents proper motion, leading to degeneration and arthritis. Restricted motion means, restricted activity. Restricted activity means less enjoyment of life in doing the things you love to do.

The analysis of such x-rays is done by an ASBE board certified doctor, which there are only a few in the country who have and use this certification. This ASBE certified doctor uses computer aided analysis techniques to find which areas of the spine are misaligned and have subluxations (misalignments causing nerve interference), including disc and nerve problems such as stenosis (closing of the nerve canals).

For example, when you bend to the right at the waist, all the 5 bones of your low back should move to the right in a normal healthy spine. The same is true if you bend to the left, they should all move to the left.