Chunlei Du, FNP - Advanced Health Center
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Chunlei Du, FNP

Family Nurse Practitioner

03-01-24 – Present – Advanced Health Center

  • Providing Regenerative Medicine Treatments to Patients 
  • Providing Diagnostic Procedures for Chronic Health Problems 
  • Work in Conjunction with Facility Doctors to Help patients Regain Their Health Naturally 

01/2014- Present - Post-Anesthesia Care Unit Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, CA

  • Working at the PACU with approximately 18 beds  
  • Provide acute care for pediatric and adult post-operative patients recovering from anesthesia, encompassing ambulatory surgical procedures, invasive and extensive surgeries, and traumas 
  • Identify and manage life-threatening postoperative and anesthetic complications, such as laryngospasm, aspiration, hypoventilation, apnea, acute hypotension and hypertension. 
  • Perform a broad scope of clinical procedures utilizing various invasive/noninvasive monitoring equipment: bedside monitor, EKG, ventilator, and defibrillator.  
  • Registered Nurse10/2009- 01/2014 Transitional Care Neurosurgery Unit/Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, CA 
  • Registered Nurse Working at the step-down unit with 41 beds 
  • Nurse multidisciplinary patients including cardiology, cardiovascular, neurosurgery, telemetry, Med-Surg, etc. 
  • Take care of patients with diagnosis of MI, CHF, post-CABG/MVR/AVR, stroke sepsis, liver and kidney disease, GI bleed, etc.  
  • Perform head to toe assessment, obtain patients’ medical history, carry put medical/nursing procedures. Hemodynamic monitoring including equipment setup and troubleshooting, monitoring and recognition of signs and symptoms of patient instability. 
  • Assessment of the ventilated patient to assure delivery of the prescribed treatment and patient response. Assessment and understanding of long-term mechanical ventilation and weaning. 
  • Recognition of indications for and management of patients requiring non-invasiveO2 delivery systems including oral airways, BIPAP, and CPAP 
  • Assessment, monitoring, and management of patients requiring renal therapeutic interventions; hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, stents, continuous bladder irrigation. 

11/2007-09/2008 CCU / Mercy Medical Center Merced, CA

Registered Nurse  

  • Work in a Critical Care Unit with 16 beds; Nurse patients with sepsis, pneumonia, AOCRF, CHF, MI, Liver disease, GI bleed, etc. Take care of patients on a ventilator, BIPAP, IV infusion pump, PCA, etc. Assist physicians for medical procedures, such as EGD, bronchoscopy, and cardioversion; Perform head-to-toe assessment, administer medications based on “6 rights”; 
  • Maintain patients’ safety and confidentiality Provide excellent patient and family education, including health care needs conditions and home care, etc;o Received numerous compliments from patients, family members, and coworkers. 

07/2004–08/2007 MICU/CCU Changi General Hospital, Singapore

Staff Nurse/Senior Staff Nurse (from 07/2006)  

  • Deliver nursing care in the Medical Intensive Care Unit/ Coronary Care Unit.
  • Serve as charge nurse caring for medical and cardiological patients with acute illnesses including pneumonia, COLD, liver cirrhosis, acute on chronic renal failure, bleeding GIT, sepsis, acute myocardial infarction, CCF, IHD, post PTCA, post_ PPM and TPM insertion, aneurysm of abdominal aorta, and intracerebral hemorrhage, etc. Provide strong contributions as a key member of a unit quality assurance program designed to identify and evaluate problems, manage patients’ census, and allocate staff assignments.
  • Exhibit motivation and dedication by providing the highest quality of care to each patient.
  • Contributed substantially to successful JCI accreditation within the department.

07/2000–07/2004 General Medical Ward CGH, Singapore

Staff Nurse  

  • Perform direct nursing care at a medical ward, delivered a complete range of RN services and expertise, including assessment, medication administration, health education, etc.
  • Deliver a complete range of RN services and expertise. Accurately obtained and documented patient history and medication lists, assessed individual conditions and needs, and selected departmental referrals for acute and chronically ill patients. Prepared equipment and assisted physicians during patient examinations and treatments.
  • Maintain a high degree of accuracy to achieve optimal patient acuity monitoring. Significantly improved facility’s public image.