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Shoulder Pain

Treating the Root Cause of Shoulder Pain for Long Term Relief

Shoulder pain can be very annoying to say the least. We try to put up with it and take medications to relieve it but if it keeps coming back there is something wrong. There is a reason it is not healing.

Most people don’t know that a shoulder injury can heal even if it’s been a chronic problem.

What is needed is the correct analysis and diagnosis of the real problem causing the loss of mobility and/or pain.

Many patients we have seen with shoulder problems have not had a comprehensive evaluation to find what’s really wrong and explained to them that they have options outside of medications, cortisone shots, and surgery.

Our clinic offers a combination of therapies that safely and effectively treat and alleviate shoulder pain long term.

Once it is determined what is limiting our patient’s mobility and/or causing their pain through an in-depth and comprehensive evaluation, we are able to prescribe therapies that are designed to target and treat the root cause of the problem so that they may finally experience relief with lasting results.

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To learn more about shoulder pain and how to alleviate the pain without drugs or surgeries we would like to invite you to attend one of our Chronic Pain Seminars or our Regenerative Therapy Seminars.

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