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Peripheral Neuropathy

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?
Your nervous system has two parts, the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system consists of your brain and spinal cord and their functions. The peripheral nervous system consists of the nerves connected to your central nervous system that come away from the center of the spine and include the nerves that lead to your arms and legs and your internal organs.

Peripheral neuropathy can be damage to one nerve (mononeuropathy), a nerve group (multiple mononeuropathy), or nerves throughout the body (polyneuropathy).

The nerves that can be affected are:

  • sensory nerves – sensing and feeling
  • motor nerves – muscle and motion
  • autonomic nerves – blood pressure, heart rate, organ functions, etc.

When the peripheral nerves are damaged or diseased, they do not function properly and your brain does not receive proper communication with the parts of your body that are affected.

Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can include numbness, tingling, weakness, burning pain, sharp shooting pain, and loss of reflexes with early signs beginning in the arms or legs.

The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy depend upon the nerves that are damaged and how many nerves are damaged.

The causes of peripheral neuropathy range from side effects from medications, herniated discs putting pressure on nerves, or nutritional deficiencies/imbalances and that is just to name a few.

Our Approach: Identifying the Root Cause

To get real results, you have to look at peripheral neuropathy as a symptom, not the cause. In a few cases, if nerves are pinched anywhere along their system you may feel numbness and tingling. In other cases, nerves may be damaged and are in need of repair. Another cause may be from diabetes. Just because you have diabetes does not mean that is where the problem stems from. We have found that in many of our patients with diabetes their problem is coming from somewhere else. But, if its from diabetes, then quick action is needed to improve your diabetes naturally before it progresses to a destructive level.

In either case, we are well equipped to identify and treat the root cause of your peripheral neuropathy. Through our specialized testing and evaluation of our patient’s condition we are able to identify the root cause and prescribe a tailor-made treatment on a patient by patient basis because no two people are the same. Even in cases were there is permanent damage, we can reduce the symptoms and prevent it from getting worse.

Our treatments can include physical and/or nutritional programs to restore the nerves back to normal and are always without the use of medication and surgeries.

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To learn more about peripheral neuropathy and non-drug, non-surgical solutions to alleviate the pain and restore nerve function we would like to invite you to one of our Peripheral Neuropathy Seminars.

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