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 17 reviews
by Anonymous on

Petra Barreda Advanced Health Center 5 star review "Love You Guys!!"
“Love you guys!! No need for my cane anymore. I leave it behind all the time. I’m ready to go dancing! Thanks for the care and professionalism you all have shown. I remember walking in here with tremendous pain and now I’m so happy to say that I’m 100% better. Thank you Dr. Jeff and all your lovely staff.”

Petra Barreda

by Anonymous on

Lottie B. Tidwell Advanced Health Center 5 star review
"The Service Is Excellent"
“I have enjoyed everyone that I have met here at Advanced Health Center. The service is excellent. I have been feeling much better and I have had three pain free nights so far with my knees! Thank you so much! The atmosphere is just excellent.”

Lottie B. Tidwell

by Anonymous on

Russell Ferris Advanced Health Center 5 star review
"My Low Back Pain Is Practically Gone"
"My symptoms were knee and ankle pain for over a year. The pain would go up and down my legs. It was a sharp pain and getting worse. Climbing stairs would make it worse. I would have to take the medication hydrocodone to get temporary relief. I tried injections and they would only last 2 days. I also had daily back pain for three years. Since I started the treatment, my low back pain is practically gone and my right knee is much better."

Russell Ferris

by Anonymous on

Rick Mazzoni Advanced Health Center 5 star review
"I Went Down To 270 Pounds!"
"I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes Mellitus back in 1987. That’s TWENTY SIX YEARS I had been living with diabetes before coming to Advanced Health Center!!! The day before I started Nutri-Spec my fasting blood sugar was 421. The very first day after I started Nutri-Spec my fasting blood sugar went down to 184. The next day it was 154 and the next day it went down to 134!!! Before starting Nutri-Spec I weighed 277 pounds and five days later I went down to 270 pounds: That’s 7 pounds in less than one week!"

Rick Mazzoni

by Anonymous on

Tina Kirk Advanced Health Center 5 star review
"I Love And Trust Everyone At Advanced Health Center."
“My pain was in the neck, head, shoulders, and my face nerves. I had the pain daily and really bad for 2 months. I was not able to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time, because the pain would wake me up. I would cry every morning for 1 to 2 hours before I could get dressed and even try to start my day. I tried manual manipulation from other chiropractors that did not work. I was taking Vicodin, muscle relaxers, Motrin and none of it was working. After treatment at Advanced Health Center, I can turn my neck to the right and left. I can look up and down and I can sleep the whole night without a neck brace on. I am so glad that I was able to get relief! I love and trust everyone at Advanced Health Center.”

Tina Kirk

by Anonymous on

Kat Powell Advanced Health Center 5 star review
"I Am Back To Running Without Pain!"
"I came in with sciatica, compressed discs, and scoliosis from long distance running. After 20 VAX-D treatments, my sciatica is almost healed and I am back to running without pain!"

Kat Powell

by Anonymous on

Louis Letzring Advanced Health Center 5 star review
"No Pain At All In My Legs!"
"They led me through a program that resulted in my legs and ankles becoming free of pain. Before the end of the treatment routine, an additional wonder was that my knees were free of any pain, also!! A month following my treatment, I still have no pain at all in my legs, ankles, or knees!!"

Louis Letzring

by Anonymous on

Margie Chandler Advanced Health Center 5 star review
"Sleeping Through The Nights."
"I am a 56 year old woman, mother of 4 boys, who has spent parts of her life with the challenge of pain and muscle spasms (from a spinal curvature ) since about the age of 10. I have seen chiropractors at least once a month since I was 12, receiving great but often temporary help. I ruptured some disks in the lower vertebrae and put a larger curve in my spine. I was in bed for most of the first 6 to 8 months, unable to get up without becoming sick to my stomach or passing out, I am now walking several hours a day without pain, sleeping through the nights, able to sit for a short time without my body getting tired or sore."

Margie Chandler

by Anonymous on

Celeste Blaseck Advanced Health Center 5 star review
"Thank You To Eeveryone At Advanced Health Center."
"I was suffering from a herniated disc that was creating pain in my lower back on the left that would go down my left leg. The pain was worse when I was driving and every night while laying in bed. I took Advil at night and daily if necessary. I was concerned and had a fear of surgery. I felt discouraged. The pain was interrupting my daily routine like walking my dogs, cleaning, and long distance walking. Due to me not being able to do my daily routine, I began to seek help. The doctors at Advanced Health Center did a great job; they listen and really show how much they care. The treatments are definitely safe. I can move around easier, garden, walk my dogs, shop, sleep better and am so much better in the mornings. This office met and exceeded my expectations. This experience washed away any doubts I previously had. Thank you to everyone at Advanced Health Center."

Celeste Blaseck

by Anonymous on

Janice Brown Advanced Health Center 5 star review
"I Tried Out The Treatment And It Worked!!"
“I have been having severe right arm pain, from the top of my shoulder down into my wrist. I tried to use over the counter pain relievers and that did not work. Due to the pain, it was hard to use the computer and sleeping was very difficult. I figured that I would just have to live with the pain. I went looking for a treatment that was non-invasive and that would produce no side effects. I saw an ad in the newspaper that allowed me to evaluate the doctors, the setting, and procedures of Advanced Health Center. I tried out the treatment and it worked! I am able to sleep comfortably, my arm and wrist have no pain at all, and I no longer need a wrist brace! I am very impressed!!! The staff is wonderful at Advanced Health Center. They really work well together to make you feel comfortable. The doctors are always available to address any concerns and care about their patients.”

Janice Brown

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