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3 Things About Spinal Stenosis You Should Know

First, spinal stenosis simply means an abnormal narrowing of an opening or canal of the spine. This can be the opening where the nerve exits or it can be the opening where the spinal cord travels through the spine.

Second, in our practice, we have seen the most common cause of spinal stenosis to be a herniated disc. A degenerated disc can cause spinal stenosis as well but it is normally in combination with a herniated disc and can be relieved without surgery. Spinal stenosis can also be caused by a bone growing into the opening, called a spur, but have found this cause to be rare.

Third, and most importantly, there is a non-surgical treatment for spinal stenosis. You do not need risky surgery or take harmful drugs to cover up your symptoms.

There are a number of treatments we have available to treat herniated discs which would then, in turn, also relieve the pain from spinal stenosis. All of our treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical, and without harmful medications.

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