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Low Back Pain

Traditional Medicine Falls Short to End Low Back Pain

Most medical treatments for getting rid of low back pain only focus on getting rid of symptoms. For instance, a cortisone shot in your back may deaden your nerves for a short time, but the pain is still going to be there waiting for you when it wears off. Medications do much the same thing, but leave you open to potentially dangerous side effects.

To have a surgeon cut you open to repair damage to whatever they think is wrong with you is a pretty drastic decision. There are too many questions: What if they’re wrong? What if my problem doesn’t go away? What if it gets worse?

This kind of thing happens with surgery all the time. In fact, back surgery is often the most ineffective form of surgery there is.

According to the official Clinical Practice Guidelines put out by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

“Surgery has been found to be helpful in only 1 in 100 cases of low back problems…even having a lot of low back pain does not by itself, mean you need surgery.”

Treating Low Back Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

Treating chronic pain conditions without drugs or surgery is something we specialize in. Through years of research we have found essential therapies that effectively treat low back pain.

First and foremost, in our comprehensive evaluation we find where the pain stems from. The back is composed of bones, joints, discs, ligaments, nerves, and muscles and once we correctly identify the source of the pain we can suggest a tailor-made treatment for you to get you on the road to recovery and pain free. We focus on each individual patient and how they respond to treatment and make minor adjustments to the treatments as they progress. We do not prescribe “cookie cutter” treatments because every patient is different and therefore requires an individualized approach.

We are experts in this field and our passion and commitment is to you and your health.

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VAX-D Therapy

If you are interested in learning more about the root causes of low back pain and our approach to alleviate the pain long term we would like to invite you to attend one of our Chronic Pain Seminars.

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