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If you suffer from chronic pain… you do not want to miss this webinar! Regenerative Medicine: The Cure To Chronic Pain
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Secrets to Reclaiming Your Health and Longevity
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Secrets to Reclaiming your Health and Longevity. Learn the latest alternative and state-of-art methods to restore health, reverse chronic health problems and eliminate pain.

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How To Quickly And Permanently Escape Your Prison Of Pain Without Surgery Or Drugs!
Attention Chronic, Miserable Pain Sufferers…
New Patient Special Offer Can Finally Show You How To Relieve Your Symptoms By Fixing The Cause Of The Pain!

If you endure relentless, constant, nagging, pain and stiffness and lack of mobility…at last, safe, effective, non-surgical solutions are finally here!

Now, you can get the same pain relief treatments that have helped over 10,000 patients in San Jose without surgical procedures, drugs or useless creams!

There are many proven, safe yet little-known pain relief secrets are available in San Jose, at our holistic and natural health restoration clinic!

You may have prescribed sleep-inducing drugs with all kinds of dangerous side effects or smelly creams that merely mask the pain.

Or, you may have even been advised to undergo dangerous surgery. While many surgical procedures are relatively safe now-a-days, they can bring unwanted complications and dangers you may want to avoid.

Plus, some surgical procedures can provide relief of your current chronic pain, but cause new, unintended pain or ailments that wouldn’t have occurred without the surgery. (Failed back surgery syndrome, or failed fusion procedures are not uncommon.)

Who wants to take mind numbing pain killers and muscle relaxers, or risk surgery…when you may not have to take these risks to reduce or even eliminate your nagging, life destroying pain?

Want to enjoy your life again like back in the day? What to be able to:

  • Pick up and hold your grandkids
  • Tend to you garden
  • Play golf the best you’re capable of
  • Take care of your home yourself
  • Do everyday tasks like shopping, walking your dog, tend to your yard
  • Be as self sufficient as possible
  • And any other daily life activities…

Without suffering from debilitating pain, spasms, or stiffness?

If yes, the answer you’ve been seeking is finally here!

The Modern, Natural And Whole Body Treatments Advanced Health Center Offers Usually Remove The Need For Drugs, Potions Or Surgery!

Currently, many insurance plans cover these almost unheard of treatments, that should almost always be tried before surgery or drugs.

Doesn’t it make sense to use proven, non-invasive, non-surgical treatments that require no drugs…so you could finally experience the joy of a pain free life, now and forever?

If you’d like to discover the details about this remarkable, doctor invented treatment so you can finally rid yourself of your distressing pain, please click here to make an appointment for our amazing New Patient Special Offer!

Here’s what you’ll get when you come in for this comprehensive exam and report of findings with a $750.00 Value:

  • Private Health And Pain History Consultation,
  • X-rays (as needed)
  • Evaluation
  • Report Of Findings And Recommendations

All for only $97!

So, would you like to finally end the misery you bear as a daily burden? Without ingesting medications and their side effects or undergo potentially perilous surgery?

Call (408) 856-6659 now, to schedule your heavily discounted initial exam, or click here now!

This will be the first step to painlessly and safely ending your pain, stiffness or lack of function you want and dream about!

Patient Success Stories Video Testimonials


Low Back-Neuropathy

Low Back-Legs-Neck

Low Back-Vax-D

Low Back-Vax-D


Shoulders & Knees

Low Back

Low Back

Low Back

Hip Pain

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Shoulder-Rotator Cuff

Knee Pain

Knee Pain

These Are Just A Few of The Many 5-Star Video Testimonials We Have To Share.
We Saved A Space For Your Success Story.

How Do Our Patients Feel About Us?
  • "After the treatments here, my left knee pain is almost completely gone!"

    "I had daily knee pain for 2 years that lasted all day long. It was a sharp pain and getting worse. It made it hard to walk and stand still. It would get worse going up stairs and walking. I tried medications and injections, but finally gave up on that. After the treatments here, my left knee pain is almost completely gone!"

    - Lee Rissen
  • "I can now play 18 holes of golf and walk the next day!"

    "“Before I started the treatment, my feet were on fire, like walking on broken glass and it was affecting my golf game! This had been going on for 5 or 6 years. Golf is my life. I couldn’t play 18 holes, and if I did I couldn’t walk the next day. My feet would swell and I couldn’t put on my shoes. I’m still receiving treatment but the pain has significantly reduced and the swelling is gone! The guys I play golf with noticed I don’t limp as much. I can now play 18 holes of golf and walk the next day!”"

    - William Hird
  • ""I still have no pain at all in my legs, ankles, or knees!""

    "They led me through a program that resulted in my legs and ankles becoming free of pain. Before the end of the treatment routine, an additional wonder was that my knees were free of any pain, also!! A month following my treatment, I still have no pain at all in my legs, ankles, or knees!!"

    - Louis Letzring
  • "I have enjoyed everyone that I have met here at Advanced Health Center."

    "I have enjoyed everyone that I have met here at Advanced Health Center. The service is excellent. I have been feeling much better and I have had three pain free nights so far with my knees! Thank you so much! The atmosphere is just excellent."

    - Lottie B. Tidwell
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Free Consultation ($300 value)

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Secrets to Reclaiming Your Health and Longevity
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