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3 Important Facts You Need To Know about Spinal Stenosis Before Getting Any Treatment…

First, the definition of Spinal Stenosis: It means simply an abnormal narrowing of an opening or canal of the spine. This can be the openings where the nerves exit or it can be the opening when the spinal cord travels through the spine.

Second, in our practice, most commonly the spinal stenosis is caused by a herniated disc as seen above.
It can also be caused by bone growing into the opening, called a spur, but this rarely is the cause of the patient’s pain or symptoms. It is more commonly being caused by a bulging or herniated disc. A degenerated disc can cause spinal stenosis as well but is normally in combination with a herniated disc and can be releived without surgery…
Third and most important, there is a non-surgical treatment for spinal stenosis, so you don’t have to have risky surgery or take harmful drugs to cover up your symptoms…

We do a combination of the following therapies to heal stenosis/herniated discs: