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Non-surgical Treatment Options for Neck Pain

Everyone will experience neck pain at some point in their life, whether it be from an injury or a chronic issue. If it is severe enough, a doctor may recommend surgery or pain medications. Surgery can come with many risks such as infection, and you will have to dedicate recovery time that may be uncomfortable and slow you down from activities that you love.

If you seek an alternative to surgery, regenerative medicine may be an option for you. Fortunately, most neck ailments respond very well to non-surgical options such as these. If you are considering any treatment, it’s essential to speak to a doctor to assess your neck properly and make sure there are no underlying medical issues that you may have to address.

Common conditions we treat using non-surgical treatments:

  • Arthritis
  • Whiplash
  • Sprains
  • Bad posture
  • Muscle strain

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical. This treatment uses umbilical allografts to help the body heal underlying tissue damage. These allografts are taken from a gelatinous substance called Wharton’s jelly, found in cesarean-born babies’ umbilical cord. At the time of birth, the Wharton’s Jelly is collected from consenting mothers who are carefully screened and approved as donors. The collection of Wharton’s jelly causes no pain or discomfort to the mother or child.


Physio-therapy may also be a non-surgical treatment option our doctor’s suggest to relieve your neck pain. Physio-therapy seeks to treat, restore, maintain and make the most of a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being by understanding the patient’s neck pain at the source.

Below are a list of Physio-Therapy treatments our doctors use at Advanced Health Center:

  • Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy : Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Hako-Med Electro-Medical Therapy uses electrotherapy treatment called horizontal therapy. Horizontal therapy combines all known forms of electromedical therapy. This includes TENS therapy, microcurrent, interferential therapy, and more. These electromedical therapies enhance the communication between cells via electrical currents. When cellular communication is impaired, disease can arise.
  • Therastim Deep Tissue Electro-Therapy : Therastim Deep Tissue Electro-Therapy is a type of electrical nerve and muscle stimulation. This electrical stimulation can help relieve muscle stiffness, pain, swelling, and injury. The electrical nerve stimulation helps to relax spasms and build strength in the muscles especially following an injury.
  • Pressure Point Massage : Massages help to relax muscles, improve circulation, relieves pain and physical fatigue. A Pressure Point Massage specializes in relieving pressure points. Pressure points are stored “stress” that accumulates in the body. A Pressure Point Massage seeks to locate these pressure points and treat them. Treating these pressure points open the blocks on nerves that the pressure point creates, relieving pain.

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