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How Regenerative Medicine Can Help You Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery

If you are suffering from knee pain, it is important to know that there are other options for you aside from invasive knee replacement surgery or medication. Oftentimes, surgery can result in complications and a long recovery time, and medications can have unwanted side effects on your body. At our office in San Jose, California we offer an alternative, non-invasive option to treat your knee pain through regenerative medicine.

Keep reading to find out what regenerative medicine is and the benefits of choosing regenerative treatment over the more traditional treatments you may have heard of before.

Specialized Treatment Plans for Your Particular Needs

Our doctors treat each person differently based on their specific needs to determine the type of treatment plan that would best benefit them. Regenerative medicine is not a one size fits all type of treatment, and our doctors are here to discuss all options available to you. Sometimes it can take multiple different approaches to treat your knee pain and we are here to make a plan that will benefit you the most and help get you back to a life free from knee pain.

We specialize in these non-invasive regenerative techniques that can help you without the use of traditional medications that can produce unwanted side effects and only mask the pain.

Regenerative Medicine Options

Our doctors prefer regenerative therapy utilizing Wharton’s jelly-derived regenerative tissue. This form of therapy involves using healthy tissue and injecting it into the affected area, in this case your knee. This healing tissue is donated at the time of birth from umbilical allografts and neither baby nor mother is harmed during the collection process. This brand new tissue has not undergone the aging process yet and it contains loads of potent healing qualities, growth factors, and other components that promote fast and effective healing in your damaged knee.

This differs from the more well-known stem cell therapy option that utilizes tissue collected from adipose or bone marrow tissue. Our doctors do not use these methods for a couple different reasons. The main reason being that these cells have undergone the aging process and might have toxins that we do not want to introduce into an area that we are wanting to heal and repair. Additionally, the extraction process can be painful and cause unneeded downtime for our patients.

By using Wharton’s jelly-derived umbilical allograft tissue, we are able to provide you with the highest quality tissue available in a same-day treatment. This eliminates the down time involved in a surgical procedure.

If you are suffering from knee pain and looking for an effective, non-surgical way to treat it, call us today to schedule a free consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our regenerative techniques and how we can help you.

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